Borrow on your terms with no liquidations

Arbor enables creditworthy DAOs to obtain fixed-rate financing using their project tokens as collateral.

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Our past bond offerings.

Ribbon Finance

Ribbon Finance | Bond Information

Ribbon Finance raised 3 million USDC through an offerring of 3.103 million convertible bonds with a 7.1% fixed-yield.

Current & Upcoming

Our on-going and planned bond offerings.

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Ichi | Upcoming
Ichi | Bond Information

Ichi is issuing 25,000 bonds through Arbor. The 300% over-collateralized bond is a 3-month simple bond with a max APR of 15% backed by Ichi token. Stay tuned for the upcoming auction.

Shapeshift |


Shapeshift Round 2 | Bond Information

Shapeshift will be doing a second bond issuance through Arbor! They plan to issue 100,000 over-collateralized simple bonds with a 12-month maturity and a max APR of 20%. As with their first issuance, these bonds will be backed by Shapeshift's FOX token. Check out Arbor's orderbook today to secure your bonds.

Shapeshift |


Shapeshift | Bond Information

Shapeshift rasied over 95,000 USDC through issuing Arbor bonds. Their over-collateralized bond is a 12-month convertible bond with a max APR of 20% backed by Shapeshift's FOX token. Check out Arbor's orderbook today to secure your bonds.

Fixed interest, no liquidations, flexible collateral.

We've used financial engineering to create tailor-made bonds for DAOs.

Borrower friendly

No forced liquidations, as long as you repay principle + interest before maturity you'll be able to withdraw your collateral.


We believe in superfluid collateral. All collateral types are supported.


Audited oracle-less infrastructure.

Bringing DAOs access to credit

Credit is a powerful tool. It can supercharge growth and provide financial well being. DAOs have the potential to change the world and Arbor is providing them the financial tooling to do just that.

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